US to ship remdesivir to states like California and Texas as COVID-19 cases increase

NEW YORK (Reuters) – US government will ship more antiviral treatment remdesivir from Gilead Sciences Inc to states experiencing increased COVID-19 cases, including California, Texas, Florida and Arizona, site says Department of Health and Social Services website.

The government has reassigned remdesivir to states with increasing caseload, White House task force coordinator Deborah Birx said during a briefing on Friday.

HHS has declared on its website that the doses will be dispatched from Monday and will extinguish the total amount of Gilead’s gift of 120,647 courses of treatment. He said he would continue to work with Gilead to determine how the planned allocation of 2 million doses by the end of the year will be allocated.

California will receive 464 cases of 40 bottles each, Texas will receive 448 cases of 40 bottles, Florida will receive 360 ​​cases of 40 bottles, and Arizona will receive 356 cases of 40 bottles, according to the website.

Gilead donated the courses after the treatment received emergency use clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration last month.

New York, which was originally one of the hardest hit states, received a total of 2,714 cases.

Source: Reuters

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