Trump signs executive order for Hispanic initiative

July 9 (UPI) – President Donald Trump signed an executive decree on Thursday that he believes will promote educational and economic opportunities for Hispanics.

He signed the order at an afternoon ceremony in the White House rose garden.

It came after Trump participated in a roundtable with Hispanic leaders.

“Every American, no matter what your background, has the right to a government that prioritizes your needs and your families,” he said.

“Americans from all walks of life are united by the same lofty ideas and the same basic designs for good schools, strong families, safe communities and many opportunities, and I will not rest until we offer this future for all communities – not just the Hispanic community, which is doing so well – but all communities in our country. “

Trump said the order will improve access to education and labor opportunities in partnership with the private sector. The initiative will be led by an executive director chosen by the secretary of education, Betsy DeVos.

“At the US Department of Education, we strive to open new career opportunities, including learning and earning and learning opportunities, expand support for Hispanic institutions, prioritize new public schools to charter in areas of opportunity and fight for freedom of education so Hispanic students – and all students – can find the right person, “she said.

Source: UPI

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