There's No Untangling The Pandemic From The Economy

A lot of Americans are having trouble getting a coronavirus test. If they do get one, they may have to wait more than a week for results.

On Tuesday, some of the country’s biggest banks announced their second quarter results. The bottom line? The pandemic and the economy can’t be separated.

Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, announced they will require customers to wear masks beginning next week. Small businesses around the country are already dealing with fallout when customers refuse.

And in a surprise move, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced they will rescind regulations barring international students from staying in the U.S. if their colleges don’t offer in-person classes this fall.

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This episode was produced by Gabriela Saldivia, Lee Hale, and Brent Baughman. It was edited by Beth Donovan and fact-checked by Anne Li. Our executive producer is Cara Tallo.

Source: NPR

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