Temperature spike: Earth ties record high heat May reading

Earth’s temperature level increased to tie a record high for May, U.S. meteorologists reported Friday.

Last month the global average temperature was 60.3 degrees (157 degrees Celsius), connecting 2016 for the most popular May in 141 years of record keeping, according to the National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration

That’s 1.7 degrees (almost 1 degree Celsius) greater than the 20 th century average for Earth.

Temperature on land set a heat record, while ocean temperature levels ranked second.

Parts of Africa, Asia, western Europe, South and Central America had record heat.

“We continue to warm on the long term and in any given month we’re likely to be knocking on the door, close to a record in the era that we’re in,” NOAA environment tracking chief Deke Arndt stated.

The last 7 Mays, from 2014 to 2020, have actually been the 7 hottest Mays on record.

This past spring was the second most popular on record, behind2016 And this year up until now is the second most popular five-month start of a year.

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Arndt stated it’s extremely most likely that 2020 will be among the 2 most popular years because1880

Source: AP News

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