Republicans Renew Twitter Complaints Chokes President And Conservatives

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two U.S. Republican lawmakers accused Twitter Wednesday of being a Tory supporter and asked for information about the social media platform’s reactions to two tweets from President Donald Trump.

Representatives Jim Jordan and James Sensenbrenner, in a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, said that moderation of Twitter content was not neutral and that it was aimed more often at the Conservatives.

“Twitter’s discrimination against conservative voices is extremely alarming. These actions raise fears that the company is systematically engaged in the disparate treatment of political discourse and misleads the users of the platform by not uniformly applying its conditions of service, ”they wrote.

The two men complained in particular about Twitter’s decision in late May to “verify the facts” of Trump’s assertion linking postal ballots to electoral fraud. Twitter at the time said in a statement that it had tagged two Trump tweets because they “could confuse voters.”

They also objected to Twitter’s handling of a Trump tweet saying it would use “serious force” to prevent protesters from creating an autonomous area in Washington, DC Twitter said the tweet violated a policy against abusive behavior but had not removed it.

Lawmakers also accused an unnamed Twitter official of using insulting language to speak of the president and a White House official.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the company had received the letter, but declined to comment further.

The two officials asked Twitter to provide a report on content restraint decisions affecting Americans over the past year, as well as documents and communications regarding Twitter’s handling of Trump tweets.

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Jordan is the best Republican on the Democrat-controlled judicial commission and Sensenbrenner is the best Republican on its antitrust subcommittee.

Source: Reuters

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