Poll: Most in U.S. wear mask in public ‘always’ or ‘very often’

July 13 — Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they always wear a face mask when in public or do so “very often,” a new Gallup poll showed Monday.

The survey examined mask use among respondents and found the numbers vary a bit along different demographics.

According to the poll, 44 percent said they “always” wear a mask away from their home, while 28 percent said they do so “very often.”

Eleven percent said they wear a mask in public “sometimes,” 4 percent said they “rarely” do and 14 percent said they “never” do.

“Although a broad majority of Americans are wearing masks in public at least very often, fewer are doing so all the time recommended by the CDC and other health officials,” Gallup wrote. “Since April, a growing minority of U.S. adults are eschewing mask usage.”

Gallup said in another survey last week that 86 percent of respondents said they’d worn a mask in public and 11 percent said they’d never considered it.

Monday’s survey found that women (54 percent), Democrats (61 percent) and residents in the U.S. Northeast (54 percent) are most likely to always wear a mask in public. The lowest share (33 percent) was seen in the Midwest.

Researchers said the findings are from the probability-based online Gallup Panel survey that was conducted between June 29 and July 5.

Source: UPI

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