New York Attorney General Recommends Reducing Mayor’s Power Over Police

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York attorney general Letitia James recommended that the mayor of New York give up exclusive control over the hiring of the city’s police commissioner in a preliminary report released Wednesday on his investigation on maintaining order during recent demonstrations.

She called for a commission with representatives from the mayor, city council, public counsel and the monitor who would have control over the hiring and promotion of senior New York Police Department officials . The commission would have the final say on the ministry’s budget and the discipline of agents.

“There should be a whole new accountability structure for the NYPD,” James said in his report, noting that “the public has no way of having a meaningful contribution on the policies and key decisions that the NYPD chooses to take. ”

His investigation began in May after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was alarmed by “disturbing violent clashes” between NYPD agents and New Yorkers protesting the police violence caused by the murder by George Floyd in Minneapolis.

James told reporters during a conference call that his investigation is underway and that a final report and a set of recommendations will be released later.

Source: Reuters

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