Kenosha, Wis., man accused of buying gun teen used in protest shootings

Nov. 10 — Wisconsin prosecutors have charged a Kenosha man for allegedly buying the firearms that police said Kyle Rittenhouse used to kill two protesters and injure a third.

Dominick Black, 19, was arrested Friday and charged with two counts of intent to sell a dangerous weapon to a person under age 18 causing death. He posted $2,500 bond and was released from Kenosha County Detention Center after a Monday hearing.

County prosecutors said Black told police he purchased the AR-15-style rifle Rittenhouse used on Aug. 25 during a protest against police brutality and racial bias. Protesters took to the streets after police shot and injured Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Ill., allegedly gave Black the money to purchase the gun because he wasn’t old enough to buy it himself.

Rittenhouse and Black both told police they volunteered to provide security for a business called Car Source. The owner of the business told police he never asked the teens to guard his business.

They allegedly retrieved the gun from Black’s stepfather’s house before attending the protest.

Black’s stepfather told police he didn’t approve of his stepson purchasing the gun and required it be kept locked in a safe in his home. He moved it to the basement during protests on Aug. 24 and said he wasn’t aware the two teens retrieved it the next night.

Black told police he had doubts about buying the gun for Rittenhouse.

“Black thought in his head that he could have stopped it, but he knew if he would have told Kyle ‘no,’ he would have thrown a fit,” an Antioch police report says.

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Police said Rittenhouse used the rifle to fatally shoot two protesters — Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber — and injure a third, Gaige Grosskreutz. His lawyers said he shot the three men in self-defense.

After the shooting, police said Rittenhouse fled to his home in Antioch but later surrendered himself to police. He was extradited to Kenosha, where he was charged with two counts of homicide. A Kenosha County court set his bail at $2 million earlier this month. His next preliminary hearing is Dec. 3.

Black is next slated to appear in court on Nov. 19.

Source: UPI

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