Biden’s first fundraising campaign with Obama is expected to raise $ 4 million

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The first fundraiser for US Democratic candidate Joe Biden in 2020 with former President Barack Obama has raised more than $ 4 million for more than 120,000 people before their appearance on Tuesday, the campaign announced.

The virtual event could represent the biggest draw for Biden from small donors and comes on the heels of the Democratic Party and its campaign to denounce President Donald Trump in May for the first time, from 80.8 million to 74 millions of dollars.

The Republican president, who has campaigned for a second term since 2017, still has a spending advantage before the November 3 presidential election.

At the end of May, Trump’s campaign, party, and other fundraising entities had $ 265 million in cash. The Democrats and Biden, who launched his campaign in April 2019, held a total of $ 122 million, not including some fundraising entities that have not released their records.

At the start of the 2020 campaign, Biden’s low fundraising figures compared to some of its Democratic competitors were cause for concern. But he has seen his fundraising from donors accelerate in recent weeks as his lead in national opinion polls has increased and the country has responded to incidents of police brutality.

Tuesday’s event also shows Obama’s power of attraction. He endorsed Biden, his former vice president, in April, but did not actively campaign for Biden, as the events in person were largely canceled due to the coronavirus.

The Biden campaign hopes to approach Trump’s war chest so that it can counter its advertising, its voting operations in the battlefield states, and possible campaign trips with their own.

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Last week, a fundraising event organized for Biden with 620 donors and organized by Senator Elizabeth Warren raised $ 6 million, the highest amount for the Biden campaign.

Source: Reuters

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