AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s alternate actuality in time of anguish

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Vicious dogs.” “Ominous weapons.” Injured police. Gagging protesters. Shattered storefronts. Armed personnel at facilities of energy and landmarks. Anguish and arson.

Taking the measure of today within the nation’s capital, President Donald Trump exclaimed: “Washington, D.C., was the safest place on earth last night!”

Such alternate realities pervaded the world described by Trump and his staff over the previous week.

The White House, tweeting as an American establishment, not Trump’s private account or marketing campaign, posted social media disinformation to make folks suppose leftists had been stockpiling rocks to commit terrorist assaults within the United States.

Trump and aides denied that authorities in Washington used tear gasoline towards protesters, who fled from chemical clouds that appeared like tear gasoline, stung eyes prefer it and met the dictionary definition of it.

On per week of unrest so outstanding it overshadowed the pandemic and its still-mounting demise toll, Trump boasted baselessly about diagnostic testing for the virus and problematically about black financial progress. When “Mad Dog Mattis” snapped at him, Trump falsely claimed to have fired him as protection secretary and to have given him that nickname.

A glance again:


WHITE HOUSE: “Antifa and professional anarchists are invading our communities, staging bricks and weapons to instigate violence. These are acts of domestic terror.” — tweet Wednesday, with a video exhibiting collections of bricks and stones as if stockpiled for assaults.

THE FACTS: The tweet’s proof of malfeasance was bogus.

The video contained a number of clips exhibiting brick or stone for building tasks and the like, not for a nefarious plot. One clip captured rocks encased in wire frames. Those are literally a protecting barrier outdoors Chabad of Sherman Oaks, a synagogue on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, to cease autos from ramming the constructing.

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“They’ve been there for about a year,” Rabbi Mendel Lipskier of the synagogue informed The Associated Press. “THESE ARE SECURITY BARRIERS,” the synagogue mentioned in an announcement reassuring neighbors and associates.

On Monday, posts had circulated on social media with images of that gabion wall, falsely describing the stones as being left on Ventura Boulevard “for the next round of Antifa riots” and saying such “drop offs” had been being repeated across the nation.

That conspiracy concept fed into the White House tweet two days later as Trump and others brushed apart the peaceable nature of many of the protesting, highlighted the violence and portrayed the unrest as overwhelmingly the work of radicals. The White House later deleted the tweet and video with out rationalization.

Source: AP News

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