1 woman dead and 2 injured while shooting at Applebee’s in Missouri

ST. JOHN, Mo. (AP) – A man was arrested in a shootout that left a woman dead and two others injured, including a firefighter, at an Applebee’s restaurant in the suburbs of St. Louis, authorities said.

St. John’s police chief Robert Connell said a man entered the St. John restaurant around 9:20 p.m. Monday and opened fire. Connell said he appeared to have targeted two women, killing one and leaving the other injured without life threatening. KTVI reports that the reason is unknown.

Kinloch fire chief Kevin Stewart said the third victim was a firefighter who was killed while eating at a different table with other first responders. He said that she had just finished training and that she was a spectator. Tuesday morning, the firefighter was in critical but stable condition.

The suspect was later arrested. Neither his name nor that of the victims was immediately released.

Source: AP News

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